CPDN President's message to healthcare professionals

Dear healthcare professional:

One of the hardest things about the COVID-19 crisis is the new reality of social distancing and self-isolation. We also recognize that many of you are on the front lines of this pandemic as essential service providers.

As such, on behalf of our service partners and pharmaceutical manufacturers, I would like to take a moment to sincerely THANK YOU for your commitment and dedication to making sure that vital medicines are stocked and available in our hospitals across the country. We can all appreciate the importance of helping patients get the medicines they need, especially under these extraordinary circumstances, and you need to know that what you are doing on a daily basis is making a difference.

CPDN is proud to be a part of the Canadian pharmaceutical supply chain and are here to serve your needs 24/7. We are keeping a close eye on our network demands and are at the ready to adapt and deploy solutions, in collaboration with our member manufacturers, to help ensure continuity of supply of important medicines to hospitals.

It is critical, now more than ever, to reach out, stay connected and keep communicating. Please feel free to contact the CPDN team at any time to support your changing or urgent needs. We would also encourage you to check the CPDN WebOMS notice section regularly where we will continue to post updates.

The team at CPDN wishes you and your loved ones continued health and safety during this crisis, and we believe that working together, we will overcome this challenge and be stronger for it.

Best regards,

Sav DiPasquale

Canadian Pharmaceutical Distribution Network
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