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The CPDN Program connects all stakeholders in the healthcare supply chain, from manufacturer to end customer through our fully-integrated partnerships.

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Activity-Based Order to Cash Model

A key differentiator, CPDN offers a consigned inventory model rather than wholesale. This allows our members to retain ownership and control of their inventory while gaining the back-end efficiencies of a managed order to cash service.

Order Management

Advanced Plug & Play Order Management

The CPDN WebOMS is the technology backbone of the CPDN Program. It is a secure online portal that simplifies and expedites eCommerce activities such as order processing and returns management, and also offers a powerful reporting engine to all users.

Demand Planning

Demand Planning

Avoid stockouts and maintain your service level by setting up Demand Plans for the products that you sell at CPDN. Easily set-up your custom parameters such as lead time, service level, forecast method, and cost settings to produce reliable demand plan calculations that are tailored to your unique business.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Our embedded Business Intelligence & Analytics provides key decision-makers with imperative real-time data about their CPDN activities. Members can be empowered with quick, exportable business answers that are essential to manage and optimize business performance.

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