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Oakville, Ontario - March 16, 2017 - MDA Pharmaceuticals is proud to announce a new partnership with the Canadian Pharmaceutical Distribution Network (CPDN), a leading distribution channel for pharmaceutical products to Canadian hospitals.

After initially established as a contract promoter, MDA partnered with the Juno Pharmaceutical group and adjusted its approach by investing heavily in business development. MDA is now emerging as a Canadian based supplier of branded and generic product focused in the hospital and specialty setting.

“MDA Pharmaceuticals takes great pride in providing high-quality products with extraordinary customer care across Canada. Our pipeline is continuing to expand positioning us to become a leading supplier of niche and hospital generic pharmaceuticals in the Canadian market.”, commented Mike Armstrong, President, MDA Inc. “I’m delighted to welcome MDA Pharmaceuticals to the CPDN network allowing us to expand the product offerings available to Canadian hospitals”, said Sav DiPasquale, President, CPDN. “MDA’s focus on niche products for the hospital and specialty care market, along with the value-added services CPDN provides to its hospital customers, make this a natural fit and CPDN looks forward to helping MDA continue to grow in the future.”

The following products will be available for ordering via CPDN WebOMS effective March 20, 2017.

Product CPDN SKU GTIN/UPC Dosage Form Strength Description
Zoledronic Acid 900091 841629000091 Injection 0.8 mg/ml ZOLEDRONIC ACID FOR INJ 4MG/5ML VIAL
Ketorolac 900046 841629000046 Injection 30 mg/ml KETOROLAC TROMETHAMINE INJ 30MG/1ML VIAL
Solifenacin 800053 841629000053 Tablet 5 mg SOLIFENACIN SUCCINATE 5MG TABLETS, 1X30 TAB BLISTER
Solifenacin 900084 841629000084 Tablet 10 mg SOLIFENACIN SUCCINATE 10MG TABLETS, 1X90 TAB BOTTLE
Solifenacin 900077 841629000077 Tablet 10 mg SOLIFENACIN SUCCINATE 10MG TABLETS, 1X30 TAB BLISTER
Solifenacin 900060 841629000060 Tablet 5 mg SOLIFENACIN SUCCINATE 5MG TABLETS, 1X90 TAB BOTTLE